November snow at Glencree

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Where did a month go?

Wow... I don't know about you but somehow I thought I was only a week behind and apparently I'm a month in the rears... yikes, time flies.  OK so I've been a bit busy these last 4 weeks.  I'll try to do a catch up.

Bray women for Equality tea
with the woman from the
local Muslim community 
Mid Oct. - What a wonderful afternoon; meeting all these wonderfully diverse women.  I was very grateful to my friend Ann who invited me to this Tea.  Great conversation, sharing culture & stories and even some singing and dancing!  Got to love it.

A dark and drier October morning... The day began with a 7am trip to Dublin Immigration to get my visa extension and if that 5 hours wasn't fun enough, the rest of the days was a hoot!

Just when you think you have it all under control... you put the wrong fuel in the car.  Yes I did; a first for me but I'm sure that will be the last.  Who knew there was a fuel rescue guy... thanks Ray for getting the van back on it feet and me on back on the road for my drive of shame.

Donkey business... Yep we have had a Donkey visiting us here at Glencree. He greets me at the front door. He visits me down in the kitchen (at the back door of course), he rolls around on the front lawn at the centre; he's awesome. The guy seems to like it here. People to hang out with, lots to see and tons of grass to eat. It's pretty much animal paradise. Just watch your step... donkey dung is free of charge.

Oct 25 - 27 - Northern Ireland: What an incredible history.  
We bagan by meeting up with Ms. Phil (Dir. of the Woman's Programme here at Glencree) who was going to take us on a whirlwind tour of the Belfast Peace Wall and introduce us t many of the people who lived through "The Troubles".  We went to the Shankhill and Ballybean areas where most of the bombings occurred.  We saw many areas where segregation still exists between Catholics and Protestants. Many people continue to deal with the civil rights issues that was/is the conflict in Northern Ireland.  

The Woman's centre's and the Peace centre's that we visited were a true testiment to the commitement these people have to there communities. In the midst of the ashes childcare buildings and education centres rose up - the Phoenix resides in Belfast.   

During our three day trip we also went to the Giants Causeway, Carrickfergus Castle, the Bushmills Distillery and the famous Crown Bar (the furnishings are from the Britannia (sister ship of the Titanic) that never went to sea after the fate of Titanic.   

After sampling some fine spirits (hot 12 yr. old whiskey is awesome) we headed for Derry (LondonDerry for those Loyalists).  The town with 2 names is the place of the Blood Sunday riots that ignited the IRA and sent new IRA recruitment through the roof.  The struggles there are still palpable.  The air is heavy in Derry and the people continue to work for equal rights.

That take me to the end of October and the November blog entry will have to wait until tomorrow.  I promise I won't let so much time go by between entries - I heard you M :)

Until tomorrow... peace!


  1. Did you think of me when you went to Carrickfergus Castle? I get to see the little Fergs again at Christmas, and I really can't wait. They are amazing.

    Love your stories... so nice to hear your voice. I love that you are having traveling adventures AND adventures closer to home (the donkey story: magic).

    Hugs and more hugs to you!

  2. Ah, so much to have seen and experienced! Amazing!! Think of you always!

  3. Great blogs, Leslie. Now I have an assignment for you. Go back to the Crown bar and have a few. Then find out what ship the furnishings were from. Titanic's sister ship was the Britannic, which was a hospital ship in WWI and was sunk in the Mediterranean. (I watch history channel.) There were several other Brittanias and Britannics. Where did the furnishings come from.

    I think you should embrace yourself as a woman who casually tips 50 pound notes (was it Irish pounds?). It really was the inner Leslie that did that. Embrace that attitude toward money and toward service. Maybe you are the new Nancy Astor.