November snow at Glencree

Friday, December 3, 2010

Snowbound adventure

The road outside Glencree on day 3
Notice the wall of snow next to Pat - Day 6

Here's the stats: 8 days (and counting),
5 people, 2 cats and no way in or out of Glencree.

 One week of being snowbound, with the white stuff continuing to fall by the buckets full.  White Christmas came a little early this year and seems to want to stick around!

Shoveled out to knee deep and by the afternoon
 it was filled again
Its one thing to be stuck somewhere when you can just enjoy the "Snow Day"... I used to live for those when I was teaching school.  Its a completely different thing when you are stuck on a mountain and one of your daily routines becomes digging your way out of your house.  The first three days we were indoors most of the time; reading and watching movies.  The last several days we have had to do a bit more "save the Centre" work.

Pat's cat "Little"
Even the cats are braving the cold for a bit of exercise.  If only they could use a shovel.

The 5 of us have been able to stay warm and keep fed, but the perishables are starting to go.  The veggies are done except for the ever present Irish potato and the milk & breads are getting pretty funky.  We do have plenty of protein -which is needed to keep us going; combating the chill when working outside.  I have a whole new appreciation for those people who live in winter climates.  However their communities have things like snowblowers and road clearing machines so life does not come to a screeching halt.  In Ireland... we done been halted!

 The beauty IS astounding but the straits can be dire.  Proper planning and preparation are key and being able to entertain yourself essential, otherwise you might loose your mind.    The daily calls I get from the CEO David , are really about checking my sanity.  "Leslie are you doing alright, are you feeling ok?", he will ask.  He too is snowbound at his home an hour away.  I'm doing well but I do understand the concern, as some of the younger contingent are starting to act like caged squirrels.  

Yesterday after digging out the front gate that was piled with snow, I built a snow fort.  Yep... Ross would have been proud!  I checked on it this morning and it has at least 10 inches of new snow inside it.  No Ross I didn't put a roof on it.  If these storms continue I may have to.  You never know I may need to move into it if the natives get too restless :)

Winter life is an adventure!


  1. Sigh.... it's not really the way I usually roll, but I will try to use my snow fairy powers to get it to STOP snowing for you, Les. Wish I were there to enjoy being snowbound with you!

  2. Leslie's Christmas List to take back to Glencree:
    Cocoa packets
    Energy bars
    And of course marshmallows

  3. It's soooo beautiful! We are cold here in the outskirts of London but not snowy. The Scotts had no idea of what to do when the snow started. That seemed a little odd to me since I know it does snow there. We were in Glasgow at the beining of the freeze, and are out now. I feel for my scottish friends. Wishing you some fresh groceries!

  4. I saw this site and thought of you!