November snow at Glencree

Friday, June 18, 2010

A final farewell to EC

Today goes down in the books, as my last day of work at Eastside Catholic.  It is a bittersweet moment as I drop off my keys, computer and close the door on a successful career there.  I'm proud of everything I have accomplished there and the legacy I leave behind.  I will be forever grateful to have worked with some of the finest colleagues I have ever had the privilege to know. Their integrity, passion and commitment for their subjects and students was palpable and did not go unnoticed by most.  I've counted myself lucky to be among them.  Working with my students, casts and crews has been some of the great joys of my life and I will never forget the road we travelled to build a Drama program together.

It is with a fond farewell that a bid EC adieu.

Now the next adventure truly begins!

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  1. I envy you your next journey, even if you are not near my ancestral Irish village (Modreeny, to the west, east of the lake, in Tipperary). You are going to have so much fun. Now when someone asks me "Where is Leslie?" I can say truthfully, "She has gone to a better place."