November snow at Glencree

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Bits all over

One can only imagine what it's like to pack out of house & home for several places at once.  When I left my "cottage house" several boxes went into storage.  Three boxes were sent to Ireland & a suitcase was packed for Arizona & one for Australia… shish.  

I am in Arizona as we speak and just heard my boxes have arrived in Ireland safe & sound and are being kept for me until my arrival in late August.  I return home (camping out in Andrew Rekdahl's guest room in Carnation WA) Friday July 16th in time to switch suitcases and leave for Aussie-land the 19th.  I get back from Australia Aug 5th and finally leave for Ireland August 24th.  If I wasn't a law abiding citizen I would look like I was on the run.

So much change… my mind is cluttered with itineraries, flight schedules and details I don't want to forget.  These are emotionally trying times for even the most stalwart of souls and there are times that I wonder if I'm up to all this.  Then I take a deep breath and know I am on the right path at the right time.  

Another passage marked: Sadly I had to say a final goodbye to my 4 legged companion Dusty.  He was a wonderful dog who lived a full and loved life. I miss him but know he had a great 15 year run!

Until I unpack again...

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