November snow at Glencree

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Summer conference at Glencree

This weekend was a "baptism by fire" kind of weekend as we had the annual Summer Conference with every room full with politicians and other important figures from around Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.  Incredibly interesting seminars and of course all the running around helping people (not really knowing anything but faking it well).  Long days and late nights.

It is no joke that the Irish finish every event off with a pub time into the wee hours.   These are two of my fellow volunteers manning the taps.

This coming week should prove interesting as I will get my first driving lesson on the left side of the road… standby for stories of courage under pressure from my teacher.

The weather has been wonderful with moments of sun followed by clouds.  I'm teaching everyone the phrase "Sun Break",  they just shake their heads.

It is true what they say about the beauty of Ireland.  I leave you with a picture from my temporary Attic bedroom window.  That's not a painting, that's Sugarloaf Mountain… breathtaking!


  1. drink a Guinness for me, Les! :)

    just went to Ghost Light callbacks today -- not sure whether i'll get cast, but i don't think i embarrassed myself, so i'll count that as a win...

    love that your pic has paintbrushes in it -- post photos of your paintings, please!

    sending loads of love,