November snow at Glencree

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Time flies when you're learning 24/7

A quick list of things I'm learning and places I've visited in the last 5 days:

Glendalough rests in a beautiful glacial valley located in Co. Wicklow, not too far for me. It was an early Medieval monastic settlement founded in the 6th century by St Kevin, a hermit priest, and destroyed in 1398 by British troops.
Lake at Glendalough (one of two there)

The best Fish & Chips is located next to the DART station (train) in Bray. 
 It's posted that it is "open until the wee hours"  
Edgar & Nury 
Two of my other house mates taking an afternoon swim in Loch Bray a small walk from Glencree.  Edgar is from Brazil and Nury is from Mexico City… the water was really cold & only our Latin contingent would attempt going in!

Driving "Irish style"; narrow streets, stick shift on your left and on-coming traffic on your right.  Not for the faint of heart!  Glad to report - no accidents yet.

I just finished working with a woman's group from Northern Ireland.  This was an incredible experience as the woman had been from the Catholic as well as Protestant communities.  Some have lost husband, fathers or sons in the conflict and some had male family members who had been para military.  I was witnessing the pain & possibility these women brought with them as they look for tools to build a healthier life.  

They came together to learn leadership skills to bring back to their communities to continue building peace.  What an absolute privilege to work with these women who have been through so much and yet look forward to a brighter future.  This is what a place like Glencree is all about. Below is a picture Glencree from the road to Loch Bray. 

Life here brings a daily blessing and a purpose, even in the small contributions.  Now off to do a tea station! 

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